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The farm "4 Linden" is located in Vetschau, in the north-west of Aachen. It is a living and ecological cohabitation that is growning since more than 30 years. Was developed and built by the architect and sculptor Andreas Dilthey and is now being led and further developed by him and Jana Koppert. There are some permanent inhabitants, including many animals, such as donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, doga, a cat, mouses, as well as bee colonies. The houses are situated among numerous fruit trees, herbs, flowers and vegetables!

The changing residents are mainly international volunteers (, who work for some time on our environmental, sustainable and holistic projects. The result is a unique form of community that is striving to lead a harmonious, meaningful life, in harmony with nature, self-sufficient, autonomous and authentic.


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All the buildings at "4 Linden" are built from natural, locally available materials such as wood, clay and straw and are compostable to 95%. We generate electricity by our own wind turbine and we also have a solar panel for hot water. The rainwater is collected in a cistern and used for the irrigation of our gardens.

We mutually benefit from our experience and experimentation with medicinal plants or natural materials and exchange ideas about it. Clean water, garden vegetables and herbs, energy, clothing and the house as a third skin are here as anywhere in the world equally prerequisites for settling and living. At "4 Linden" we want to give an example of how to design and develop these "basics" in an ecological, holistic and sustainable way.

One of our holistic projects includes developing self sustainable systems in Cameroon. We aim to accomplish our objectives by working with our brothers and sisters in Africa. At the end of 2012 we sent a container to Cameroon with donations from the Aachener citizens. This way we could support an orphanage, a clinic and the GEH (Garden for Education and Healing), with which we are directly connected.

In this spirit, we can also imagine a "Europa Morgen" (Europe of Tomorrow) or "Welt Morgen" (World of Tomorrow), and we are looking for people who want to get involved in these projects! We organise not only guided tours around the farm, with a focus on "green building", but also children's birthday parties, theme days for children, various projects for school classes, as well as donkey rides carriage rides.

There are also pottery and drum courses, events, seminars and workshops, in which global issues such as conservation and environmental protection, healthy diet, and the development of holistic projects are treated. We also offer holistic massages in the "Lomi-Lomi" - or Esalen-style! Our bright studio can be used for seminars from externals. There have already been many guest at our farm, among them also specialists for compost toilets, Effective Microorganisms (EM) or permaculture, as well as the famous Sonnenyogi Umarshankar.



Andreas Dilthey, 57 years old, father of 6 children, architect, sculptor, idealist, humanist, generalist project developer, self-supporter livies since 34 years on his farm "4 Linden" in Aachen, where he has created an extraordinary gem anda paradise of nature. In 1977 he comes to study architecture in Aachen. While studying collects he his first experiences with clay by building his own house. In parallel he works in the Department of Plastic and Sculpture at the RWTH Aachen. After his studies he works for 18 years as an architect and sculptor in the church equipment and renovation, production of liturgical devices like altars, tabernacles, pulpit, crosses, complex floordecorations. He works in marble, bronze and clay.

2001 participates in the planning the U.KA, Cité d'Université du Kasayi, a university town of 10,000 inhabitants in Kananga, capital of the province Kasayi in the DR Congo. 2004/2005 is involved in the planning for the reconstructions of the province of Khost in Afghanistan. Both projects are based on a holistic concept that includes all aspects of life of those affected and future users.

Since 2011 he supports GEH-Garden for Education and Healing, and developes holistic projects for Cameroon. The two big projects are situated in Bamenda, and Bambui. The Project in Bamubui, REH-Royal Center for Education and Healing aims to grow medicinal plants, to create medicine, to provide healthcare and to educate and train the people. The Project in Bamenda is a combination of the orphanage and naturopathic garden. Planned are 24 houses, including a hospitals and a school. 

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My mother called me "Witch Liese", I used to call myself "Jana Koppert Klax", later "Jana Chameleon Klax" and my African teacher used to call me "Okomfoba" - medicine woman. Now I live in a small house on the island "4 Linden" and i am practicing to live a holistic, sustainable and authentic life. I work in the fields of nature, art, culture and healing and i am also a supervisor at the Waldorf-School. I am engaged in the topics of community, self-sufficiency, ecology and healing. In my studio at 4 Linden I conduct courses in ceramics and African drumming. Together with Andreas Dilthey and the temporary farm-community we are working on the development of our projects here, and for the projects of "Africa Morgen e.V."