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Natural Clay

You can find clay everywhere in the 4 Linden Farm. It is used as a building material in the renovation of the old oak timbered house from 1756. The walls and ceiling are constructed from clay bricks, they store heat and insulate. Building with clay is one of the principles of the architecture of Andreas Dilthey, and is demonstrated here in the farm as well..


Land Art

Artists from different European countries create in the last week of August on the beach of Audresselles in Nord-Pas de Calais in France temporary works of art made from materials they find on the beach. 4 Linden is the organizer of this event.



Portrait Modelling

with Andreas Dilthey



African Drums

Jana Koppert organises for children and adults workshops to learn polyphonic, multifarious rhythms of African drums. The rhythms of West-African origin are supplemented with percussion instruments, songs unde dances. 4 Linden offers a glimpse into this musical world!




with Jana Koppert 

From the mammoth shell to the hand-rolled cup - amulets, figurines or free forms- the clay has no limits. Courses for children and adults in the cozy 4 Linden studio.


Clay Bath

A warm clay bath on the fire is available on request at 4 Linden Farm. A warm clay bath is a holistic experience of a special kind. Clay is not only healthy for your skin, you will also make a whole new experience of the body.