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Andreas Dilthey is architect, the focus of his work is building in a sustainable and environmentally aware way. The aim of the work is to preserve the livelihoods of present and future generations. He used for his buildings preferably natural materials. 





Andreas Dilthey as a sculptor



Can Mobiles

The source material used for the Dosen Mobile are tin cans, wood, leather, and found objects that are connected with screws and rivets. The Dosen Mobile can not be decomposed. Rather, their significant and individual forms are combined in such a way that they come into being imaginative art pieces. You can buy them on 4 Linden Farm.




To model small figures that carry a particular expression in the ceramic is my passion, but also to find the perfect cup, in haptic form, volume and appearance. I love footprints of plants, shells or doilies.

I am happy to work on requests!

New: cups and pots with effective microorganisms (EM)



with Jana Koppert

The synthesis of earth and body in their archaic power has inspired me again and again to new forms of expression. Clay, body-painting and body imprints produce original designs of this inspiration. Another new feature is the original Aachener Zuckerschnute!



Go with your heart's desire! The Hawaiian energy or Temple style massage is originally a ritual that lasted up to several days, and was accompanied by changing massages, as well as live music and prayers. Lomi Lomi, which means "kneading kneading" is a piece of the everyday life of the Hawaiians who like massaging themself or each other. In ritual is produced a energy flow through the moving meditation "Flying" similar to the flight of fragal birds, or a dolphin gliding through the water and so the massage can be experienced in an eternal flowing and well-being, which is supported also from a lot of oil and a protected atmosphere.

E komo mai! - Be welcome! The Californian massage constitutes the essence of the most different techniques. When our body expresses a blockade, he signaled mostly what we hold inside.